Dining Room Floor Update

MainOne of the first updates we tackled in our home was removing the ‘oh-so-seventies’ dining room carpeting.  We started the project thinking it would be as easy as pulling the carpet out and removing some track strips.  We were so wrong!  The carpeting had been glued or rather cemented to the beautiful hardwood floor beneath.

IMG_0898_editedRemoving the carpeting was fairly easy, but revealed the messy, challenging layer.  The grey carpet pad (as seen above) was fused to the floor such that it was extremely difficult to remove.  The first thing we did was scrape as much of the pad as we could with a medium putty knife.

IMG_0909_edited IMG_0897_editedI did some research to see how we could remove the glue from the floor.  A few articles and videos recommended using a wallpaper steamer, but they are a little pricey.  I thought maybe our handheld shark steamer might be perfect, and it was!  The small pointed attachment was the best to use.  We used the steam to melt the glue and then wiped it away with damp towels.  We used old rags because they quickly became saturated with the glue.

Hubby did most of the work with this step.  We would work on it for an hour or so after work and on weekends.  It took about a week to finish.  We will be sanding and refinishing the floor eventually as this process was definitely not gentle on the wood.  All of this work was so worth it though, and our floor looks amazing!


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