Seven Tips to Stay Motivated Every Day


I have thought a lot about habit and motivation over the last few months. It is extremely important for me to develop habits in order to stay motivated. If I do not plan ahead, it becomes much more difficult to accomplish daily tasks. Here are seven tips that have helped me to stay motivated and be as productive as possible.

Tip One – Make a to-do list! People function differently, but for me to accomplish what I want, I need to make some kind of list. I do have a tendency to add way to many things to my list, but that is ok. I don’t have the expectation that I will always complete everything on the list. If I need to, I will move an item to another day. It is important to place the most important tasks near the top of the list. I find it extremely satisfying to actually cross the items off the list and see my progress.

Tip Two – Make your bed! This may sound a little silly to some, but making the bed can set the tone for the rest of the day. I notice a significant difference in my mood and energy level on days that I do not make the bed. It only takes about a minute and can be the first thing you accomplish for the day. This will lead to accomplishing more tasks.

Tip Three – Get Dressed! It can be so tempting to stay in your pajamas all day if you’re not planning to go anywhere, but it is something that should be avoided. Wearing clothing that is appropriate for sleep is going to keep you in that mindset all day. Dress for the activity you are planning that day.

Tip Four – Build routines! The easiest way to make sure that something gets done consistently is to make it a habit. There are a number of household tasks that I hate doing. Laundry is one of these tasks. I find that if I wait to do it once a week, I end up skipping steps like folding the clothing and then not putting it away. This is because I have overwhelmed myself with the amount I have to do. I started doing one small load every day. It doesn’t take long because it’s a small load, and it has been so much more manageable for me. I have built this into my daily routine. I build other household chores into my routine as well. I also have a cleaning schedule in my command center.

Tip Five – Exercise! This is so important for overall health both physically and mentally. I notice a marked difference in my energy level when I am not exercising regularly. This is something that should be worked into a routine. Dressing in workout clothing is really helpful also because it puts you in the mindset of exercising.

Tip Six – Get enough sleep! Each person is different and you can figure out how much sleep you need to have a good day. For me, I need at least seven hours of sleep a good amount of energy the next day.

Tip Seven – Hold yourself accountable! I need to have some sort of accountability to meet my goals. I accomplish this with to-do lists and even rewards. If I complete an important task, I will reward myself with something I enjoy like watching Netflix or reading a book. I am also going to start holding myself accountable by using social media. I’m a huge fan of the channel HowJennDoesIt on YouTube and she has an Instagram tag to help with planning things at night for the next day. It is #nighttimecleanandprep. I am going to start using this tag at night to hold myself accountable.   Writing this in the blog is another way of holding myself accountable as well.

I hope some of these tips were helpful to you as much as they have been to me.

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